Community Members Express Concerns Over Proposed Rezoning for 127-Acre Land


Concerned community members in Chickamauga, Georgia have raised objections via a Facebook Group to a proposed rezoning request for a 127-acre parcel of land located at 12160 Highway 193. The proposal seeks to rezone the property to Planned Unit Development (P.U.D.) to accommodate the construction of a 153-home subdivision, which notably includes 25 overnight rental properties.

The land in question is presently zoned as Agriculture, and community members are expressing their reservations about the potential implications of this rezoning on their community.

One of the primary concerns voiced by residents is the anticipated impact on local traffic. The addition of 153 homes, along with associated vehicles, could potentially result in an additional 306 cars on the already busy local roads, particularly Highway 193. Residents fear that this influx of traffic may exacerbate existing congestion issues.

Education is also a focal point of concern. Residents contend that local schools are already at or over capacity, and the proposed subdivision could strain resources further. Additionally, concerns have been raised regarding potential increases in property taxes, which some residents believe could be a consequence of the proposed development.

Community members are actively organizing to voice their concerns and explore their options for influencing the decision-making process. They have called for fellow residents to contact county commissioners and attend public meetings scheduled for this matter.

The matter will be discussed at the upcoming Commission meeting, scheduled for September 28th at 7 PM, with its location at Walker County Courthouse Annex 3 on 201 South Main Street.