Georgia House of Representatives Strongly Condemn Hamas Terrorism and Stand with Israel


October 15, 2023
House of Representatives

We, the undersigned members of the Georgia House of Representatives, unequivocally condemn the barbaric slaughter of Israelis, Americans, and other foreign nationals at the hands of Hamas terrorists. These heinous murders must be called out for what they are – a disgusting display of hatred and evil, offensive to every decent human being.
The Hamas attacks included shooting the elderly at point-blank range, murdering babies, raping young women, and torturing families in front of loved ones. The terrorists also took hundreds of innocent hostages, including many Americans, back into Gaza for further torture and abuse. Sadly, these heinous acts have been condoned by some individuals and groups within the United States – and even within Georgia – through social media posts, public rallies, and calls for a “National Day of Resistance.”
As legislative leaders, it is our duty to call out hatred when we see it, both from Hamas and from those who misguidedly support them. We cannot stand silent or turn a blind eye to this evil. We must stand united with our Jewish friends, neighbors, and colleagues to reject Hamas and the terror they seek to perpetuate.
Our prayers go out to the families who have lost loved ones in these attacks and to the brave Israeli soldiers who are exercising their nation’s right to self-defense by fighting back against the Hamas terrorists who seek the eradication of the Jewish people.
We stand with Israel,

Speaker Jon Burns, HD 159
Speaker Pro Tempore Jan Jones, HD 47
Majority Leader Chuck Efstration, HD 104
Majority Whip James Burchett, HD 176
Majority Caucus Chairman Bruce Williamson, HD 112
Majority Caucus Vice Chairman Houston Gaines, HD 120
Majority Caucus Secretary/Treasurer Ginny Ehrhart, HD 36
Rep. Mike Cameron, HD 1 Chairman Steve Tarvin, HD 2
Rep. Mitchell Horner, HD 3
Chairman Kasey Carpenter, HD 4 Rep. Matt Barton, HD 5
Rep. Jason Ridley, HD 6
Rep. Johnny Chastain, HD 7
Rep. Stan Gunter, HD 8
Rep. Will Wade, HD 9
Rep. Victor Anderson, HD 10
Chairman Rick Jasperse, HD 11
Chairman Eddie Lumsden, HD 12
Chairman Katie Dempsey, HD 13
Rep. Mitchell Scoggins, HD 14
Rep. Matt Gambill, HD 15
Rep. Trey Kelley, HD 16
Rep. Martin Momtahan, HD 17
Chairman Tyler Paul Smith, HD 18
Rep. Joseph Gullett, HD 19
Rep. Charlice Byrd, HD 20
Rep. Brad Thomas, HD 21
Rep. Jordan Ridley, HD 22
Chairman Mandi Ballinger, HD 23
Rep. Carter Barrett, HD 24 Chairman Todd Jones, HD 25
Rep. Lauren McDonald, HD 26
Chairman Lee Hawkins, HD 27
Rep. Brent Cox, HD 28
Chairman Matt Dubnik, HD 29
Rep. Derrick McCollum, HD 30
Rep. Emory Dunahoo, HD 31
Chairman Chris Erwin, HD 32
Chairman Alan Powell, HD 33
Rep. Devan Seabaugh, HD 34
Chairman Don Parsons, HD 44
Chairman Sharon Cooper, HD 45
Chairman John Carson, HD 46
Rep. Scott Hilton, HD 48
Chairman Chuck Martin, HD 49
Rep. Esther Panitch, HD 51
Chairman Deborah Silcox, HD 53
Rep. Mesha Mainor, HD 56
Rep. Kimberly New, HD 64
Chairman Lynn Smith, HD 70
Chairman J Collins, HD 71
Rep. David Huddleston, HD 72
Chairman Josh Bonner, HD 73
Chairman Karen Mathiak, HD 74
Rep. Matt Reeves, HD 99
Rep. David Clark, HD 100
Rep. Soo Hong, HD 103
Rep. Rey Martinez, HD 111
Rep. Tim Fleming, HD 114
Rep. Lauren Daniel, HD 117
Rep. Clint Crowe, HD 118
Rep. Holt Persinger, HD 119
Chairman Marcus Wiedower, HD 121
Chairman Rob Leverett, HD 123
Chairman Trey Rhodes, HD 124
Rep. Barry Fleming, HD 125
Chairman Mark Newton, HD 127
Rep. Jodi Lott, HD 131
Rep. Ken Vance, HD 133
Chairman David Knight, HD 134
Chairlady Beth Camp, HD 135
Rep. David Jenkins, HD 136
Rep. Vance Smith, HD 138
Chairman Richard Smith, HD 139
Rep. Dale Washburn, HD 144
Chairman Robert Dickey, HD 145
Chairman Shaw Blackmon, HD 146
Rep. Bethany Ballard, HD 147
Chairman Noel Williams, HD 148
Rep. Danny Mathis, HD 149
Chairman Mike Cheokas, HD 151
Chairman Bill Yearta, HD 152
Dean Gerald Greene, HD 154
Chairman Matt Hatchett, HD 155
Rep. Leesa Hagan, HD 156
Chairman Bill Werkheiser, HD 157
Chairman Butch Parrish, HD 158
Rep. Lehman Franklin, HD 160
Chairman Bill Hitchens, HD 161
Chairman Ron Stephens, HD 164
Chairman Jessie Petrea, HD 166
Chairman Buddy DeLoach, HD 167
Chairman Clay Pirkle, HD 169
Chairman Penny Houston, HD 170
Rep. Joe Campbell, HD 171
Rep. Chas Cannon, HD 172
Chairman Darlene Taylor, HD 173
Chairman John Corbett, HD 174
Chairman John LaHood, HD 175
Chairman Steven Meeks, HD 178
Rep. Rick Townsend, HD 179
Chairman Steven Sainz, HD 180