Georgia Launches GEORGIA MATCH Initiative to Streamline College Admissions


In a move to simplify the college admission process and broaden access to higher education, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has unveiled the GEORGIA MATCH initiative. This new program aims to connect graduating high school seniors directly with postsecondary education opportunities, ensuring a smoother transition into college life.

GEORGIA MATCH is centered around a simple concept: matching students with colleges based on their high school-calculated HOPE grade point average (GPA). The goal is to make college admissions more accessible and seamless for Georgia’s young scholars.

State Representative Mike Cameron (R-Rossville) was quick to commend Governor Kemp for this initiative, emphasizing its potential to transform the lives of countless young Georgians. He noted, “This initiative will not only open countless doors for our students and their futures, but it will also provide Georgia’s economy with the continued support needed to maintain a thriving workforce. I am proud to back this monumental breakthrough for education in Georgia and commend Governor Kemp and his team for their hard work and dedication put towards enhancing the education spectrum.”

GEORGIA MATCH is a collaborative effort involving various state agencies, including the Governor’s Office, Governor’s Office of Planning & Budget, Georgia Student Finance Commission, Technical College System of Georgia, Governor’s Office of Student Achievement, Georgia Department of Education, and the University System of Georgia. Their shared mission is to ensure that all Georgia students have the opportunity to thrive through postsecondary education.

Starting next week, over 120,000 high school seniors across the state will receive personalized letters from Governor Kemp. These letters will list the technical institutions, colleges, and universities that are reserving a spot for them in the fall 2024 semester. The number of schools on each student’s list will be determined by their academic standing, 11th-grade HOPE GPA, and freshman index score. Furthermore, these letters will include instructions on how to claim a spot at a college or university from the individualized list. As an added incentive, all participating GEORGIA MATCH institutions will waive application fees for students applying through the program throughout November 2023.

To access their personalized MATCH list and request additional information, students can visit beginning next week.

This initiative marks a significant step forward in making higher education more accessible to Georgia’s youth. By streamlining the college admissions process and offering valuable support to students, GEORGIA MATCH aims to empower the next generation of leaders and drive economic growth in the state. Be on the lookout for your GEORGIA MATCH letter in the mail this week and seize the opportunity to secure your future in higher education.

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