Georgia State Senator Colton Moore Faces Push-back From Republican Colleagues Over Special Session


Colton Moore, State Senator for the Georgia 53rd District, which is comprised of Dade, Walker, Catoosa, Chattooga, and a portion of Floyd Counties, has recently come under fire from his fellow Republican colleagues in the Georgia Senate. In a letter written to the public over the weekend, Georgia Senate Republicans outlined their response to actions taken by Senator Moore. In response to the Fulton County District Attorney’s actions against former president Donald Trump, a current political candidate, Moore called on Governor Brian Kemp to issue a Special Session of the Georgia State Assembly.

In the letter, his colleagues explained that Moore charged Governor Kemp to call this Special Session without getting support of any fellow Assembly members and without vetting the practicality of doing so. The Senate Republicans further detail how an investigation and a movement to remove the Fulton County DA would fail, citing that insufficient Democrats would give the necessary support to call a Special Session, nor would they give the 2/3rds majority that would be needed for a conviction. Lieutenant Governor, Burt Jones said a Special Session would be “spinning wheels and wasting taxpayer money”. The Senators also called out Senator Moore for launching a publicity and fundraising campaign.

The Senate Republicans go on to say that they have a method identified that will allow them to address the actions of the Fulton County DA. Senate Bill 92 created the Prosecuting Attorneys Qualifications Commission would help them investigate the actions of the District Attorney in a legislative manner.

This letter from the Senate Republicans addressing Senator Moore’s decision to call on Governor Kemp was signed by 20 fellow Republican senators as well as the President Pro Tempore, Majority Leader, Majority Whip, Majority Caucus Chair, and Majority Treasurer.

Senator Moore has recently been on a number of nation-wide media outlets concerning this issue in Fulton County. Governor Kemp referred to Moore’s actions as a “grifter scam”. He recently told the Northeast Georgian that his actions would “ignore Georgia law and directly interfere with the proceedings of a separate but equal branch of government”.

The Mountain-Valley Independent reached out to Senator Moore to get his comments. He began by diving into his initial letter to Governor Kemp, calling for the Special Session. Of the three branches of government, Moore referred to the Legislative branch as the “most important check and balance to overzealous judicial and executive officers, Fani Willis being one of those”. Moore went on to say that Fani Willis is using the tax dollars of Georgians to persecute individuals who questioned the integrity of an election, going against their First Amendment right. His Northwest Georgia Constituents, he added, do not want their tax dollars “funding Fani Willis in this type of political persecution”. Moore accused of wielding her Willis her government authority to target political opponents, including a senator saying that her actions have, “chilled the voices of my fellow senator because they don’t want to be held in obstruction of justice”.

Senator Moore is calling for the Special Session including that Willis should be investigated in the Senate Ethics Committee citing its power to subpoena, asking “Why was the indictment released hours before the grand jury every concluded?” He raised the question of Willis’ own possible criminal action of withholding certain bits of evidence.

Responding to Governor Kemp’s comments, Senator Moore said, “I would like to remind the governor that I consider him a disgrace to the entire situation considering he took 19 days to certify the election results in Georgia”. He added that the individuals who are being indicted for questioning the integrity of the election and that Governor Kemp is refusing to not call a Special Session, which is within his constitutional authority.

“My fellow senators’ response is absolutely jaw-dropping considering they say that a special session is a waste of tax-payer money. My constituents believe that funding Fani Willis is a waste of tax-payer money and that’s why I will continue to call for a Special Session.” Moore included that the Special Prosecutorial Counsel that has been formed could investigate the Fulton County DA, but will have “no ability to defund Willis”. He went on to add that if the special counsel has the ability to investigate her, then the Legislative authority that created it should have that ability as well. “They’re just kicking the can down the road, passing the buck, refusing to take action themselves”, Moore said.

Senator Moore has scheduled a press conference on Thursday, September 7th at 11:00am at the capital in Atlanta regarding his call for a Special Session of the Georgia Assembly.


Letter written by Georgia Senate Republicans