Highway 157 Fire Update: Containment Progress Amidst Ongoing Challenges


In the latest update on the Highway 157 fire, authorities have revealed that the fire remains at 706 acres and is currently 90% contained. As of now, four bulldozers and 15 personnel are assigned to this incident.

While progress has been made, the Georgia Forestry Commission has raised concerns about significant unburned areas on the east and south sides of Lookout Mountain within fire breaks. These areas could potentially pose challenges, particularly if the wind direction changes. The forecast indicates that southwesterly winds are expected to increase in the afternoon, after 1 PM, with speeds reaching 10-15 mph and gusts of 20-21 mph.

Firefighters and emergency responders are continuing their efforts to combat the blaze and maintain containment. The situation underscores the importance of vigilance and preparedness, especially with the potential for changing weather conditions in mind.

Local residents are advised to stay informed about the ongoing situation and to be prepared for any developments in the Highway 157 fire.