LaFayette High School to Host 2024 GHSA Boys and Girls AAA Golf State Championships


LaFayette High School’s Rambler Golf Program has officially been chosen as the host for the 2024 GHSA Boys and Girls AAA Golf State Championships, set to take place at the LaFayette Golf Course on May 20 and 21, 2024. This exciting development marks a historic moment for the Rambler golf program and the LaFayette Golf Course.

For the first time in program history, the LHS Rambler Golf Program will serve as the host of a state championship event, reflecting their dedication to the sport and their commitment to promoting high school golf in the community.

Additionally, this event will be the inaugural GHSA State Championship hosted by the LaFayette Golf Course, further emphasizing the significance of this occasion.

The Rambler Golf Program expressed their gratitude for the invaluable support received from Jason Shattuck and his staff at the LaFayette Golf Course, without whom hosting this prestigious event would not have been possible.

Acknowledging their unwavering support, the program also extended its thanks to the LHS Administration, including Mrs. Stultz, Mr. Massey, Ms. Suttles, Mrs. Blaylock, and Mrs. Brown, who have consistently supported their athletes and program.

Lastly, the program conveyed its excitement to bring this noteworthy event to the City of LaFayette and the broader Rambler Nation community. With the honor of hosting the 2024 GHSA Boys and Girls AAA Golf State Championships, they are poised to showcase high school golf at its finest in Georgia. Golf enthusiasts and community members alike are encouraged to mark their calendars for this exciting event, as it promises to be a standout moment in high school golf.