Lookout Mountain Wildfire Silences Two Local Broadcasters


A devastating forest fire on Lookout Mountain, which broke out on Saturday, has left a trail of destruction in its wake, affecting local communication infrastructure and prompting tower operators to assess the extent of the damage.

101.3 FM KWN found itself in the line of fire as the main tower sustained damage. In addition, Chattanooga-based radio station 102.7 WBDX, commonly known as J103 FM has also been affected by the wildfire. The extent of the damage to their equipment and broadcasting capabilities is currently under assessment. Evan Stone of Dade County Broadcasting shared that engineers will be working to replace equipment that has been burned and apologize for inconveniences and hope to be back online as soon as possible. Listeners are invited to listen in at 106.1 FM or at the stream here.

Georgia State Patrol (GSP) reported that the wildfire, as of their last update, had not been fully contained, although efforts were made to control it before nightfall. The fire initially covered an area spanning between 15 to 20 acres and was situated east of Highway 157, near Tower Road.

The blaze, which triggered a response from ground units shortly after 1 p.m., fortunately did not pose an immediate threat to homes or businesses in the area. However, some small structures and utility sheds were at risk due to the rapidly spreading fire.

Local authorities and firefighting crews are continuing their efforts to contain the fire and prevent further damage. As the situation develops, residents are urged to stay vigilant and informed regarding safety measures. Our thoughts are with those affected by this devastating forest fire on Lookout Mountain.