Residents of District 3 Invited to Attend a Community Meeting


Residents of District 3 are invited to attend a community meeting scheduled for 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 24. The meeting will take place at the Armuchee Valley Community Center, located at 11471 Highway 136.

Chairman Shannon Whitfield and District 3 Commissioner Brian Hart are set to address several key topics of interest to the community during this gathering. The meeting aims to provide information and updates on the following matters:

  1. Water Line Extension: The officials will discuss the progress and plans for the water line extension along Ben Childs/Concord Road, addressing any questions or concerns from residents in the affected area.
  2. Upcoming Paving Projects: District 3 residents will receive details on upcoming road paving projects in their community, offering insight into what they can expect in terms of improvements to local infrastructure.
  3. Rural Broadband Improvements: Access to reliable internet services is a critical issue for many in the area. Chairman Whitfield and Commissioner Hart will provide updates on efforts to improve rural broadband access in District 3.

The public is strongly encouraged to attend this meeting to stay informed about these local developments and to participate in the discussion. Your input and questions are vital to ensuring that the District continues to move forward in a manner that reflects the needs and preferences of its residents.

This community meeting serves as an opportunity for an open dialogue between local government officials and the people they serve. It’s a chance to voice concerns, ask questions, and learn more about the ongoing projects that directly impact the District.

We look forward to a productive and informative gathering on October 24 at the Armuchee Valley Community Center. Your active participation will help shape the future of District 3.