Significant Power Meter Update Underway in Chickamauga


May be an image of water heater and textChickamauga Electric is in the process of updating their power meters to a smart grid system, marking a substantial transformation. Over the course of approximately two years, the Mayor, Council, City Manager, and Landis Gear have engaged in discussions regarding the project’s costs and contracts, bringing it to fruition. This upgrade is expected to conclude by the end of the year, offering a range of advantages for both customers and the city.

The introduction of the smart grid system will empower customers to actively monitor their power usage and receive real-time updates, which is expected to benefit the community as a whole. The project’s goal is to replace outdated meters that may result in inaccuracies due to human errors during readings, in addition to enhancing the utility’s ability to identify and address outages and other power-related issues.

This is not just an upgrade; it is a SPLOST PROJECT aimed at improving the performance and efficiency of the Chickamauga Electric Department. The completion of this project promises a more robust, customer-focused power supply, and a more reliable service. As the rollout progresses, the community can anticipate a more connected and efficient approach to power management in Chickamauga. Stay informed for further updates as we transition to a more technologically advanced era in our power supply.