Update on the Rezoning on Highway 193, Walker Commission Votes Down Change


Update on the Rezoning on Highway 193

The Walker County Board of Commissioners met on September 28th to discuss issues related to rezoning.  The main issue of the night, the one which took up the most time and had the most vocal participation, was the potential construction of Cloudland Station, a gated community in Walker County, headed by John Tatum.

     Many Walker County residents were present to voice their concerns about the new project, which would introduce between 150 and 200 new homes in Walker County.  Edward Yates, a lifelong resident of Walker County was quoted as saying,

     “What are you going to do?  Have a small city in a rural area where you’ve got Hunting, Fishing?”

     Another resident, Patty Crowdy voiced her concern.

      “Mr. Tatum talks about community.  We have community!  We are the people of Walker County, not a business developer from Atlanta!  He’s talking about an elite community; a gated community.”

     The motion to allow construction of Cloudland Station was denied unanimously by the County Commissioners.