Walker County Chairman Shannon Whitfield Issues 45 Day Burn Ban For The County


Walker County Chairman Shannon Whitfield issued a burn ban for the county today, as extremely dry conditions continue to pose the threat of large, dangerous wildfires, as well as create an environment for residential debris burns to escape and spread out of control.

The burn ban takes effect today, November 4, and runs for 45 days, through December 19. The ban covers all outdoor burning, including, but not limited to, small piles of natural vegetation, yard debris and campfires in Walker County.

Residents are encouraged to call 911 if they see any outdoor burning, at which point the fire department will be dispatched to extinguish the fire.

The Executive Order comes as drought conditions exist within the county which can lead to fires that have the potential of endangering lives and damaging property on a large scale.

The ban does not extend to areas that would conflict with state law or Georgia Forestry regulations, although Georgia Forestry is currently not issuing permits for agriculture, silviculture, land-clearing burns and vegetative storm debris in the county due to the drought conditions.