WQCH and Georgia 93.7 Local Headlines 9-6-23


The city of LaFayette swimming pool is getting a complete overhaul.  The 35-year-old facility saw work get underway last week.  The renovations will be finished before swim season opens next summer.

The Center for Disease Control has issued their current recommendations for flu shots.  The CDC says September and October are good times to get a flu vaccine.  It takes several weeks to develop immunity after receiving a vaccine.  It’s recommended that everyone age six months and older get their flu shot well before the end of October when flu season typically begins.  December tends to be when flu season is at it’s peak.

Georgia can resume enforcing a ban on hormone replacement therapy for transgender people under 18, a judge ruled Tuesday, putting her previous order blocking the ban on hold after a federal appeals court allowed Alabama to enforce a similar restriction.  Attorneys for the state had asked Judge Sarah Geraghty to vacate the preliminary injunction in light of the Alabama decision.  Geraghty did not go that far, but she also said keeping her injunction in place was not possible after last month’s ruling on Alabama’s law by a three-judge panel of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, which includes Georgia. She instead issued a stay, or hold, on her injunction in anticipation of a possible rehearing of the Alabama case before a larger panel of the court’s judges.  The Georgia law, Senate Bill 140, allows doctors to prescribe puberty-blocking medications, and it allows minors who are already receiving hormone therapy to continue. But it bans any new patients under 18 from starting hormone therapy. It also bans most gender-affirming surgeries for transgender people under 18.


Federal student loan payments are soon to resume for millions across the country.  Back in June, the Supreme Court ruled the President’s plans to strike down $10,000 to 20,000 worth of student loan debt as unconstitutional.  As payments resume next month, the Saving on a Valuable Education (SAVE) Plan has been offered up as a source of relief.