Walker County Board of Commissioners Meeting – December 2023

The process to amend Chapter 4 (Alcoholic Beverages) of Ordinance 0-06-23 in the Code of Walker County began with a public hearing on December 14. Commissioner Chairperson Shannon Whitfield  said the hearing was the first of rwo required before Commissioners vote on the amendment.... Read More.

Walker County Residents Question County Commissioners on Zoning Changes

Walker County Commissioners heard the concerns of several county residents regarding five requested zoning changes. A public hearing on the zoning changes was held during the regularly scheduled commission meeting. The five zoning change requests were as follows:SAI Krisna, Inc.: Requests a rezone... Read More.

Walker County Board of Commissioners Discuss Rezoning Requests

On the evening of Thursday, October 26th, the Walker County Board of Commissioners met to discuss multiple rezoning requests involving changing zones.  Most of the grievances brought before the Board involved citizens protesting Agricultural and Residential areas being used to... Read More.