February 21, 2024


LaFayette Fire and Police responded to a single vehicle accident yesterday. A pickup truck struck a utility pole and a house. The accident happened near South Main Street and Crane Street. One person was taken to the hospital to be checked out as a precaution.

Catoosa County residents are voting on whether to continue a 1% sales tax for county infrastructure and equipment. The tax funds major capital projects in Catoosa County and has been renewed by voters every six years since 1994. The county’s sales tax is 7%, with 4% going to the state and the other 3% going to local purposes, including the 1% up for renewal. A news release from the county said up to $96 million is expected to be raised over the tax’s six-year cycle that would begin this year.

The majority of the money is planned for about $30 million in roads and bridges. Fort Oglethorpe is expected to receive about $14 million and Ringgold would receive about $5 million, the release said.

Five Georgia House Republicans have proposed legislation that would affect school zones.

HB 1126 would prohibit local governments from installing traffic cameras in school zones. Sponsors of the bill argue that traffic cameras are ineffective and can be arbitrarily enforced. Opponents say that removing traffic cameras could place children in greater danger from speeding drivers. The bill went in front of Georgia’s House Motor Vehicles Committee Tuesday morning and was approved to move out of that committee.

Early voting has started in Walker County and across the state. Make sure you’re prepared when you go to vote. All registered voters will be required to show a photo ID at the polls. Acceptable forms of ID include a Georgia driver license. Student ID from a public college or university in the state. A valid employee photo ID from any branch, department or agency in the US Government or the state of Georgia including county, municipalities or other state entities. A valid US Passport. Military photo ID. If you don’t have any of those, you can get a free ID card issued by the county’s registrar’s office or the Georgia Department of Driver Services.