February 26, 2024


A tree fell in the area of South Chattanooga Street yesterday. The incident brought down power lines and left some residents without power. Crews worked through the afternoon to restore power.

If your one of the AT&T customers who were impacted by the service outage last Thursday. You will have a credit on your next bill. AT&T says they will issue a $5 credit. The company says that’s the average costs for a full day or service. The credit will not apply to customers under AT&T Business or prepaid plans. It also doesn’t apply to Cricket Wireless accounts. AT&T says they are taking steps to prevent an incident like this from happening again.

The Walker county Sheriff’s Department reported two felony arrests on Saturday. Among those arrested include 37-year-old Georgia Danielle McCoy. McCoy was charged with violation of probation and possession of meth and obstruction.

In January the Walker County Animal Shelter took in 99 dogs and 30 cats. 42 dogs and 10 cats were adopted. 48 dogs and 79 cats went to rescue groups. Eight dogs were returned to their owners.