March 15, 2024


State Senator Colton Moore was banned from the Georgia House floor at the State Capital yesterday.  Senators were debating a resolution that would have allowed a building on the University of North Georgia’s campus to have been named for former House Speaker David Ralston who passed away late last year. Senator Moore went to the well of the senate and denounced Ralston as “one of the most corrupt Georgia leaders we’ll ever see in our lifetime.”  The Republican leader in the senate, John Kennedy of Macon apologized for Moore’s comments. The resolution was adopted by the Senate, 53 to one, with Moore’s being the only vote in opposition.  Later in the day, House Speaker Jon Burns announced Moore was banned from the House chambers. One House doorkeeper said this was the first time a senator had ever been banned from the House floor. Burns received a standing ovation from representatives when he made that announcement.

Mark your calendars now for March 27th.  That Wednesday night from 6:30 to 8pm, Walker County will hold a Town Hall meeting.  The meeting is on the proposed rock quarry.  The quarry is proposed of Highway 27 on Ridgeway and Oakton Road.  John Cross from Walker County Stone will be presenting during the meeting.  The public is invited.  March 27th from 6:30 to 8pm.  The meeting will happen at the LaFayette-Walker Public Library on South Duke Street.

Police are investigating a shooting that happened yesterday afternoon.  The shooting occurred at the Grey Parc of Rossville Apartments.  The complex is located at 601 Washington Street.  We’ll have more details on this incident as information becomes available.

Georgia Republicans powered a voucher plan funding private school tuition and home schooling through the state House yesterday. The House voted 91-82 for Senate Bill 233, passing it with one vote to spare. The same bill failed last year when 16 Republicans voted against it. Thursday, seven Republicans and one Democrat who opposed the measure last year flipped to support it.  The vote sends the bill back to the Senate for what could be a single up-or-down vote on final passage. Republican Gov. Brian Kemp backs the voucher plan, including devoting a substantial portion of his State of the State speech to advocating for it