March 8, 2024


Five felony arrests on Wednesday in Walker County. 42-year-old Dustin Ryan was booked on charges of driving on a suspended license, possession of meth and shop lifting. 33-year-old Midred Ann Brown was arrested and charged with possession of meth and a schedule II. 27-year-old Snider Lee Jackson faces charges of possession of a schedule II. 25-year-old Jordan Deron Allen was arrested on theft charges.

Georgia Labor Commissioner Bruce Thompson announced yesterday that Georgia’s January unemployment rate was 3.1, the first drop in over a year after holding at 3.2 percent for each month during 2023. The unemployment rate was six-tenths lower than the national unemployment rate.

More on the drama surrounding the Catoosa County GOP. The Republican Party in Catoosa County is aiming to keep four candidates off the May Republican ballot. The four have tried to qualify multiple times. Only to be repeatedly denied. Judge Don Thompson had ordered Catoosa County deputies to escort the candidates yesterday when they submitted their paperwork. The judge also instructed deputies to turn on their body cameras during the encounter to make sure the qualifications were submitted. The candidates were still denied. Larry Black has been denied twice, Steven Henry four times, Vanita Hullander and Jeff Long have been denied three times. The Catoosa County GOP could face a fine of $1,000 per hour for each candidate who is denied. Jail time is also a possibility.

Georgia Northwestern Technical College will host a free application month through March. The $25 application fee for all incoming students for the summer semester will be waived. Applicants should enter the code MARCH24 (all CAPITAL letters) to waive the fee. Admissions deadline for the summer semester is April 22nd. Classes start May 13th.