TSPLOST Referendum Passes By Almost 70% in Walker


The final numbers for the Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (TSPLOST) referendum have been reported. The results showcase the county’s stance on this significant matter.

The TSPLOST referendum aimed at securing funding for various transportation projects in the county has elicited considerable public interest. According to the available data, the ‘Yes’ votes totaled 2,336, representing 67% of the total vote count. In contrast, the ‘No’ votes amounted to 1,127, making up 33% of the votes.

All 11 precincts have submitted their reports, which also include advance and absentee voting. This comprehensive representation underscores the extent of community participation in this election.

The approval of the TSPLOST referendum signifies the county’s willingness to address its transportation infrastructure requirements. These funds will be allocated to a range of transportation-related endeavors, including road maintenance, enhancements to public transit, and other essential infrastructure undertakings, with the goal of bolstering the county’s transportation system.