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The Copeland Coaching Podcast is made for job seekers who want to jump start their job search. Each week we dive into career topics from interviewing to personal branding to applying and negotiating. If you want to switch industries, change careers, or make more money, this is the podcast for you!

208 | Professional Headshots for LinkedIn | Madison Yen, Photographer and Brand Strategist

Sep 15, 2020

207 | COVID Job Search | Sami Harvey, Hilton and Eventbrite

Sep 01, 2020

206 | Neurodiversity at Work | Samantha Craft, Everyday Asperger's

Jul 21, 2020

205 | Job Search Basics | Nissar Ahamed,

Jul 07, 2020

204 | BLM at Work | Darrell Cobbins, Universal Commercial and The National Civil Rights Museum

Jun 30, 2020