Covenant College Engages in Community Service as Part of New Student Orientation


Over 260 students, faculty members, and volunteers from Covenant College participated in a series of service projects across Walker County today as an integral part of the new student orientation program. These initiatives aimed to contribute positively to the local community, highlighting the institution’s dedication to fostering community engagement.

The combined efforts of Covenant College students, faculty, and Project 52 volunteers were evident as they collaborated on a range of projects throughout the county. Locations including Fairview, High Point, Kensington, and Wallaceville witnessed the impact of their collective work. Tasks varied from cleaning up debris-laden areas to addressing blight by renovating a house, reflecting the diversity of challenges taken on.

The partnership between Covenant College and Project 52 underscored the significance of shared responsibility and a commitment to effecting constructive change. By working together, participants demonstrated the potential of cooperative efforts in contributing positively to the local community.

Feedback from community members emphasized the visible improvements these projects brought to the neighborhoods involved. The endeavors showcased the strengthening relationship between Covenant College and the community, establishing a platform for mutual understanding and collaboration.

As the day’s activities concluded, the lasting effects of this collaboration were apparent. The joint endeavors of Covenant College, Project 52 volunteers, and the local community members serve as a testament to the positive outcomes that can result from collective engagement in community service.