Georgia 93.7 and WQCH Local News Headlines 1-3-24


The son of a former North Georgia Superior Court Judge has been killed in North Dakota.  Nicholas Van Pelt was shot and killed in his apartment on Christmas Eve.  Van Pelt was a member of the North Dakota Air National Guard.  A Ringgold native, his father is Retired Superior Court Judge Ralph Van Pelt who served on the bench for 25 years in North Georgia.  The funeral for Nicolas Van Pelt is set for Friday in North Dakota.  Another funeral will be held in Ringgold on January 12th.  The suspect in the shooting is charged with murder, attempted murder, and causing bodily injury to a corrections officer. He is being held on a $2-million-bond.

The newly elected and re-elected LaFayette City Council members were sworn in yesterday.  In Ward 3, Tim Rayburn is the newly elected councilman.  Chris Davis in Ward 4 and At-Large Councilman Wayne Swanson were sworn in after being re-elected.

Police in Fort Oglethorpe are asking for the public’s help to identify a woman they say committed a burglary at a storage unit on December 12th of last year.  The woman’s identity is not known.  Check for the woman’s picture.  If you can help identify her, contact the Fort Oglethorpe Police Department.

The Dalton Mohawk plant caught fire last night.  The incident happened around 8pm.  The blaze was contained to the roof area and was extinguished by the Whitfield County Fire Department.  Mohawks says all the employees were safely evacuated.  There were no injuries.  No word yet on what caused the fire.  The plant continues to operate.