LaFayette Celebrates Employee Milestones


This year marks a special anniversary for these individuals who have contributed significantly to LaFayette’s success.

Celebrating a decade of service, the following employees have been integral to LaFayette’s growth:

**10 YEARS**
– Melissa Stowe
– Ryan Wilson
– Matthew Gibbs
– Brock Campbell

Marking two decades of commitment, the city extends its gratitude to:

**20 YEARS**
– Timothy Butler
– Duran Rowlls

Reaching an impressive three decades of service, LaFayette honors the dedication of:

**30 YEARS**
– Jason Steadman
– Dee Dab Brown
– Vernon Barnett

Finally, a remarkable four decades of continuous service is acknowledged for:

**40 YEARS**
– Avery Linam

LaFayette expresses its sincere appreciation for the hard work and talent demonstrated by these employees, emphasizing that their collective efforts have played a crucial role in achieving the city’s notable accomplishments. Residents are encouraged to join in thanking these individuals for their long-standing commitment to the betterment of the LaFayette community.