Local Plumbers Arrested for Alleged Customer Fraud in Hamilton County


Chickamauga residents, 43-year-old William Gabriel Pityer and 39-year-old Jennifer Darlene Pityer, found themselves in hot water this week as Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office deputies apprehended them on various charges related to defrauding customers of their plumbing business.

The couple, who operated the On Site Plumbing business, faces multiple accusations, including theft of property, forgery, and criminal conspiracy. Their troubles came to light when a customer from Harrison reported the suspicious activities to authorities in February.

According to an affidavit obtained by local news, Jennifer Pityer allegedly used her supposed credentials to access building materials and appliances at wholesale prices for her client’s home renovations. She offered to help the customer broker the deal to save money. To establish trust, the customer initially made smaller purchases, but soon, she ordered larger appliances, including a stove worth $6,500.

To facilitate these purchases, Jennifer requested money orders from the customer, assuring her that the funds would be used for the substantial buys. However, as time passed, the customer only faced “delays and excuses” without receiving the promised products.

The customer ultimately handed Jennifer a total of $12,000 for products that never arrived. Jennifer claimed that the delay was due to difficulties with suppliers amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but when asked for receipts, she allegedly provided a manipulated receipt to deceive her customer.

When the customer demanded either the products or a refund, Jennifer became unresponsive and allegedly used legal jargon and intimidation tactics to avoid any resolution. Meanwhile, William Pityer acted as the face of the company, interacting with customers during initial business dealings.

The investigation revealed that this case was not an isolated incident. The couple had faced similar complaints from multiple victims, as documented by the Better Business Bureau and online review sites. It was also discovered that the Pityers had declared bankruptcy on seven different occasions since 2010 to evade their responsibility to repay customers.

Another victim, who had entrusted the Pityers with renovations in her Hamilton County property, was shocked to discover that the promised work had not been carried out, despite Jennifer’s reassurances while she spent time on vacation. Photos and videos revealed the alleged deception.

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office joined forces with the East Ridge Police Department to investigate these reports of fraud. Consequently, both Jennifer and William Pityer are facing serious charges. Each of them is charged with six counts of theft of property, five counts of forgery, five counts of contractor’s misapplication of payments violation, and one count each of fraud in insolvency and criminal conspiracy.

Authorities are urging anyone else who may have been affected by the On Site Plumbing business practices to come forward and assist in the investigation. The case highlights the importance of vigilance and conducting due diligence when dealing with contractors and service providers.