WQCH and Georgia 93.7 Local News Headlines 12-19-23


Walker County celebrated it’s 190th birthday yesterday.  During a ceremony at the Walker County Civic Center, officials announced a time capsule to be opened in 10 years for the county’s 200th anniversary.  As part of the time capsule residents are encouraged to write letters to their future self.  The letters along with poems and pictures will be accepted for inclusion through the end of January.  The time capsule will be opened December 18th, 2033.

The Walker County Commission met last night.  Commission Chairperson Shannon Whitfield said the December 14th public hearing on a change in the alcoholic beverage ordinance was the first of two required before the commission votes.  The amendment would add guidelines specific to licensing of retail package sales.  No one spoke for or against the proposed amendment last night.

Georgia’s government will put a little extra jingle in the pockets of state, university and public-school employees, paying them a $1,000 year-end bonus, Gov. Brian Kemp announced Monday.

The governor also said he would propose a permanent $104 million yearly allocation for school security going forward, enough to provide $45,000 to every Georgia public school, as he makes further plans to spend Georgia’s $11 billion in surplus funds.  Officials said the roughly 112,000 state and university employees would get the extra $1,000 by the end of the year, while school districts will determine when the roughly 196,000 teachers and support staff get the bonus. Elected officials and judges won’t get the cash.

The average price of gas in the state of Georgia is $2.96 per gallon for regular unleaded.  State wide the price of gas has dropped seven cents in the last week. Locally, Dade-Walker and Catoosa Counties have the lowest gas prices in the state.  The average price of regular unleaded in $2.73.  Savannah has the highest gas prices at $3.08 per gallon.