City of LaFayette Reports That Junior City Council Has Grown

A joint venture between the City of LaFayette and LaFayette High School has seen more interest and activity. In 2019 the  Junior City Council was created to help high school students to see real-world examples of civic engagement and how this plays a part in creating community-wide change.
The City of LaFayette reported on their Facebook page that the Junior Council has grown in number. 17 Junior Council Members will be active this year. The Junior Council will take part in local government activities including a local event, council work session, and they will take part in the planning of one social event per semester.
In March, they engaged in a Peer-to-Peer City Field Trip with our LaFayette DDA to learn about best practices from the City of Dahlonega and their DDA. LaFayette has a bright future ahead with these young leaders and citizens can expect activities design for youth this year planned with the help of the Junior Council.