Upgrades Coming to City of LaFayette Water and Sewer Systems

Citizens of LaFayette can expect new infrastructure projects in the days to come, specifically as it affects water and sewer.
The City of LaFayette will begin reconstruction on its Wastewater Aeration System. This project will replace obsolete equipment that cannot be repaired or replaced  project. While this process will cost around $2.3 million dollars, the city will be using a $1 million ARC grant (GEFA) that it has received to help fund it.
During the most recent drought, LaFayette was forced to cut water production by 50% as the aquifer levels had dropped so sharply. The city has also planned a new project to establish treatment capacity at an existing water supply using a separate aquifer than the remainder of Walker County. This project will cost roughly $5.3 million dollars, but will be funded in part by a $750K Grant (GEFA).
Source – City of LaFayette