Walker County Sees a Drop in Unemployment


Georgia Labor Commissioner reported last week that non-farm employment increased 0.1 percent, in February 2023. Employment expanded in transportation, and utilities, government, and construction. However, the professional and business services, information, and manufacturing sectors lost jobs over the month. Over the year, employment in Georgia is up 2.8 percent. Georgia’s unemployment rate in February 2023 is 3.1 percent. Unemployment in Georgia remains well below the national unemployment rate.

Walker County reports 31,750 in the work force, with 30,737 currently working, leaving 1,013 unemployed. Their unemployment sits at 3.2%, dropping .3%.

Dade County reports 8,118 in the work force, 7,884 currently working, and 234 unemployed. Unemployment in Dade is currently 2.9%, which is an drop of .1% since the last report.

Catoosa County has reported in the work force 34,034. 33,065 are currently employed which leaves 969 unemployed, a rate of 2.8%.