Walker County Shows Slight Unemployment Increase From April


In the latest update from the Georgia Department of Labor shows that in the Northwest Georgia Region, unemployment is up to 3.3% from last month’s number, 2.8%.

Walker County’s total workforce is at 31,651with 30,615 employed. 1,036 or 3.3% is unemployed, a growth of 0.7% from April. However, this is still below the Georgia State average which is 3.4%.

Just to our west, Dade County is one of only 15 counties that sits under 3% unemployment. Their Labor Force stands at about 8,131. The number of those currently employed is 7,895, with 236 unemployed. Last month the unemployment rate was at 2.1% and grew .8%.

Catoosa County’s Labor Force is at 33,858 with 32,858 employed. This leaves 1,000 or 3.0% unemployed. This is an uptick of 0.7% from April.

Chattooga County has a Labor Force of 9,040 with 8,683 employed. 357 or 3.9% is unemployed. This is a slight drop of 0.1% in the last month.


To see the report, visit the Georgia Department of Labor website.