WQCH and Georgia 93.7 Local News Headlines 2-9-24


The Georgia House on Thursday passed bills to cut state income and local property taxes. The bills would accelerate an already-planned income tax cut, increase homeowner property tax exemptions in some jurisdictions and raise the amount parents can deduct per child from yearly income taxes. Georgia can afford tax cuts because the state budgeted to spend much less than what it will collect in taxes and had $10.7 billion in unallocated surplus at the end of the last budget year. The House voted 162-0 for House Bill 1021, which would reduce local property taxes for some homeowners. The bill would need a two-thirds majority to pass the Senate and then must be approved by voters in a statewide referendum in November.

The Georgia Senate approved a version of a bill Tuesday that would enable a new commission to investigate complaints against prosecutors. The measure passed with a 29-22 vote.

The Professional Attorneys Qualifications Commission moves a step closer to begin reviewing allegations of misconduct filed against district attorneys and solicitor generals across the state. The bill would allow the commission to operate under rules that it adopted without requiring a final review by the Georgia Supreme Court. The legislation was passed Tuesday mostly along a party-line vote. The bill now advances to the House, giving the two chambers the opportunity to agree on a final version before the session is scheduled to end March 28. A similar rulemaking measure was passed by the House late last month.

The latest restaurant inspection report shows the Wendy’s in Chickamauga and Honey Bee Hotdogs in LaFayette scoring a 100.