WQCH & Georgia 93.7 Local News Headlines 5-4-23


The Fort Oglethorpe Police Department is requesting your help in locating Jeffrey Bearden.  Bearden has been reported missing and has not been heard from since April 18th.  His last known location was the area of LaFayette Road in Ft. Oglethorpe.  If you have any information on the whereabouts of Jeffery Bearden.  Contact Detective Huckabee with the Ft. Oglethorpe Police Department.  706-866-2512.  For more information on this story visit our website, DiscoverWalker.com

The annual Georgia Enviromental Protection Division ban on outdoor burning begins Monday.  The ban stays in effect until September 1st.  The restrictions apply to Walker County and 53 others in the state.

The Walker County Detention Center posted 8 felony arrests on Tuesday.  Among those booked – 30-year old David Tyler Shaw.  He faces charges of possession of meth, possession of a schedule two and theft.  50 year old Danny Ray Chambers is charged with possession of meth.  34 year old Justin Curtis Roger was booked on posession of meth and drug related objects.  You can find the complete booking report, updated every day at DiscoverWalker.com.

Georgia has banned local governments from accepting any funding for elections from outside groups, after Gov. Brian Kemp signed the measure on Wednesday.  Senate Bill 222, which threatens local officials who violate the law with felony charges, still allows contributions to the state or federal government. It took effect upon Kemp’s signature