April 8, 2024


Spring break is over and Walker County Schools are back in session today. Watch out for kids and busses today.

As you’ve probably heard, a solar eclipse is happening today. In our area the viewing window starts at around 1:45pm. Max viewing happens around 3pm and the entire event should be over by 4:20pm. We are not in the path of totality but we will have 85 to 90% visibility. Just a reminder some part of the sun will be visible during most of the eclipse. It’s never safe to look directly at the sun. Regular sunglasses, swimming googles and camera filters are not safe for looking directly that the sun. Make sure you have a certified solar viewing glasses from the local library or another reliable institution.

The Walker County Detention Center reports seven felony arrests on Saturday. Four juveniles ages 13 to 16 were arrested and charged with destroying a mailbox. 63-year-old Russell Barry Stephenson was booked on a charge of possession of meth.

The LaFayette City Council will meet today at 6:30pm. The meeting will be held at the city hall at 207 South Duke Street.

The Walker County Sheriff’s office says be aware of a scam that going around. Calls are being made someone claiming to be from a member of the Sheriff’s Office. The person is telling individuals that they have missed jury duty and need to leave work to rectify the situation. The Sheriff’s Office reminds you that they would never call for this matter. Also please never send money or buy gift cards for someone you don’t know.