Cloudland at McLemore Resort Unveils as Major Economic Contributor in Walker County


May be an image of 13 peopleCloudland at McLemore Resort, a significant private investment in Walker County, has commenced operations, marking a milestone in the area’s economic development. The newly opened resort, situated on Lookout Mountain, boasts a 245-room Curio Collection by Hilton hotel and event center, presenting a notable addition to the county’s hospitality sector. Operating around the clock, 365 days a year, the establishment is poised to contribute to the local economy by providing employment opportunities and generating substantial revenue.

With an initial workforce of slightly over 200 individuals, the resort anticipates employing over 300 personnel during peak seasons, further bolstering job prospects within the community. Moreover, the commencement of operations at Cloudland at McLemore Resort is projected to yield a considerable increase in sales tax revenue for Walker County, with estimates approaching nearly $3 million annually.May be an image of mountain

The opening of the resort marks a significant stride in Walker County’s economic landscape, offering not only a boost in employment opportunities but also promising financial gains through enhanced tax revenue. As the establishment begins its operations, it stands poised to contribute to the region’s growth and prosperity.