Marjorie Taylor Greene Secures Federal Funding for Vital Projects


Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has secured federal funding for seven vital projects in Northwest Georgia through the annual Community Project Funding Request process. These projects, aimed at enhancing the quality of life and fostering economic and social development, have been signed into law on Saturday, March 9, 2024. The funding will be utilized by various federal agencies responsible for each project in the coming months.

Among the projects secured are:

Austell-Powder Springs Trail Expansion in Cobb County, receiving $1,000,000. This expansion aims to improve pedestrian access to Austell and Powder Springs while reducing traffic congestion in the area.

Cobb County Water Main Replacement, also receiving $1,000,000, is essential for meeting the increasing demands for water in Powder Springs and ensuring future growth without extensive maintenance issues.

Dade County Water Intake Screen, funded with $1,500,000, will safeguard the water intake pumps from debris and buildup, ensuring their reliability and minimizing maintenance costs.

Oostanaula School Community Center Renovation in Gordon County, with $1,000,000 allocated, will revitalize a historical landmark for community use, including hosting events and housing a volunteer fire department.

Paulding County Fire Department Equipment Purchase, receiving $49,000, will enable the purchase of vital breathing apparatuses to ensure the safety of firefighters and residents.

Richard B. Russell Airport Expansion in Floyd County, securing $3,803,000, will alleviate congestion and facilitate hangar development with additional taxiway construction.

Whitfield County Sewer Expansion, funded with $1,000,000, will support housing development in the community, providing more options for families.

These projects reflect Congresswoman Greene’s commitment to addressing critical needs and fostering growth in Northwest Georgia.