Walker County’s 2024 Infrastructure and Economic Developments


Walker County Plans Extensive Road Paving in 2024

Road Improvement Initiative

As the Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (TSPLOST) gears up to resume on April 1, Walker County is set to embark on a comprehensive road improvement initiative. With an estimated annual revenue of $6,750,000 earmarked for road enhancements in unincorporated areas, the county aims to pave approximately 50 miles of roads each year. This strategic plan, outlined by Chairman Shannon Whitfield of the Walker County Board of Commissioners, prioritizes reaching residential communities and remote backroads while maintaining a focus on key thoroughfares.

Finalization of Paving List

At their recent meeting on February 22, the Board of Commissioners finalized the 2024 road paving list, featuring 66 roads slated for resurfacing. Notably, the list includes all roads within the Mountain View subdivision in the Fairview community, marking a significant upgrade for an area that has not seen new asphalt in several decades. Carlen Bowers, the road superintendent, emphasized the necessity of addressing deteriorating roads within the subdivision, highlighting plans for a comprehensive resurfacing effort.

Optimizing Resources

To optimize available resources, the county strategically selected primary roads in poor condition with adjacent secondary roads in need of attention. By minimizing logistical movements, such as trucking equipment and materials, the county aims to maximize the efficiency of paving operations. Currently, the county is in the process of soliciting bids from contractors, with a recommendation scheduled for presentation at the April 11th Board of Commissioners meeting. Pending contract award, fresh asphalt is anticipated to be laid down starting in May or June.

Celebration of Economic Investment

In conjunction with road improvements, Walker County celebrates the grand opening of Cloudland at McLemore Resort, a significant private investment in the region. The resort, featuring a 245-room Curio Collection by Hilton hotel and event center, now employs over 200 individuals, with staff numbers expected to surpass 300 during peak seasons. This venture not only enriches the local economy but also promises to generate substantial sales tax revenue for the county.

Enhancing Community Amenities

Additionally, Walker County looks forward to the opening of Walker Rocks Park, which includes the county’s inaugural inclusive playground. Designed to accommodate children of all abilities, the playground is slated to open this spring, offering a diverse array of recreational opportunities. As the county continues to enhance its infrastructure and amenities, residents can anticipate a vibrant and thriving community landscape.

Upcoming Events and Initiatives

In other news, residents are reminded of upcoming events, including Tire Amnesty Day at the Walker County Landfill on April 20th and the commencement of early voting for the Presidential Preference Primary. Furthermore, renovation plans are underway to establish new election locations, providing improved accessibility and efficiency for voters in Walker County. With a focus on progress and community development, Walker County remains committed to fostering growth and prosperity for all its residents.